Who is the Author?

Hello, my name is Rossy. I am a mom of 1 beautiful little girl named Isabella (icanhaz.com/isabella), wife to wonderful man (author of prestigeformat.com), daughter, sister, christian, latina, fitness instructor, preschool teacher, twitterer (twitter.com/rossyruppe), Independent Beachbody Coach, Fit Yummy Mummy, dork and currently am undergoing a transformation from fat mom to fit mom… thats where this all started!
This is where I came from, my journey began May/June 2008, after I had my baby in March 2008 and got clearance from the dr:

201lbs, 42″ waist, 38% body fat- basically a fat mom…

This is where I currently am (09/09/09)

143lbs, 28.5″ waist, 25% body fat- mama is getting fit!


One Comment

  1. Carri Roman replied:

    You are awesome!! Way to go lady! You will be such an inspiration to so many. Yeah!!! I am getting ready to start running and getting back in shape after baby number 4 but I currently have a broken toe. It is going to be awhile. Love the site and love your new body…oh should I not say that! 😉

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