I ran a half-marathon!

This is coming from the girl who dreaded the 1-mile run in HS, who thought the only sane reason to run was when your life was in danger and who thought that she might not even physically be able to complete a half-marathon.

Well folks! last sunday, May 2nd I did it! I completed my first 1/2 marathon and yes, by first I do imply that there will be more. It’s a very strange place to be in. I think I’m officially in the crazy runner’s club since I did it, but I still feel like the out of place girl. BUT none the less, I crossed that finish line and it felt good to accomplish one of my recently developed life goals. I completed in 2:41 (mind you I took 2 bathroom breaks) but I did jog/run (i’ve got short legs, not sure what i do qualifies as “running”) all but 1-2 minutes of walking at mile 12.

With all this said, this post is not a “Hey! Look what I can do!” post, but a “Hey! if I can accomplish something I saw as “crazy” or “impossible” you can too!!”- so what are you gonna do?! We are nearing our 1/2 mark of 2010, do I need to remind you about your resolutions?! me? 1/2 marathon- CHECK! So what’s next?- more posts to come about me, but I want to hear about you! Show some love, leave a comment! I want to help you reach your goals too! Leave me a comment and I will do ALL that I can to see you to your goal! Seriously! TRY ME! 🙂


May 6, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. Laura Kennerson replied:

    I’m proud of you for completing the race! 🙂 Thanks for being my running partner! 🙂

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